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Garrison Fewell

It’s quite difficult to say a last goodbye to a dear friend and wonderful human being and what’s even more difficult is to find some appropriate words to do that.

I just want to say that I feel so lucky to have had the chance to spend some time together with Mr Garrison Fewell in the last months because this was the right moment for both of us to share some life together. What I got from him is probably the biggest lesson everyone can have in life and can be easily understood directly from Garrison in this passage taken from an interview he did with Michael Ullman:

“But when you are facing life and death, because they haven’t found a cure yet to make my illness a chronic disease like diabetes or HIV, you only have two choices. It becomes very simple. You go down one road, there’s darkness and death down there. Or you go down another road, which is positive and light and joy and really being in the moment and appreciating every single moment that you have. I have to make that choice . . . it’s just between those two”

With neverending love and respect. See you somewhere else my beloved friend.


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