S T E F A N O | F E R R I A N


Hanormale “the Cathartic Anointing of Heterodoxy in Resilience”
[Zero Dimensional Records/2022]

syk “Pyramiden”
[Housecore/Nuclear Blast/2022]

[Amirani Records/2018]

syk “I-Optikon”
[Housecore Records/2016]

YUGEN “Death By Water”

[Not Two/2015]

[dENk Records/2014]


Paolo Saporiti “S/T”

[L’Inphantile Collective/2014]

INTAKT “Urban”
[Bunch Records/2014]

NUTIMBRE  “Cycles”
[dEN Records/2014]

Stefano Ferrian/Gustavo Costa  “Kinematics”
[Bunch Rec/2014]

Ferrian/Pissavini/Quattrini Trio feat Sabir Mateen “The Unexpected”
[Not Two/2013]

Ferrian/Quinteros/Pissavini “Defying Errors”
[Bunch Records/2013]

Nerve 4tet “Even Worms Have Nerves”
[Not Two/2013]

RARA AVIS “Mutations/Multicellulars Mutations”
[dEN Records/2013]

.psychofagist. w/ NAPALMED “Songs Of Faint And Distortion”
[Fobofile Prods – CD/LP, Memorial Records/2013]

Paolo Saporiti “L’Ultimo Ricatto”
[Orange Home Records/2012]

.psychofagist. “Unique Negligible Forms” Ltd. 7″

the SIN Trio “SIN SIN SIN”
[Clinical Archives/2012]
-> Available for free download at the following links:

Ferrian’s NUTIMBRE “Risk”
[dEN Records/2012]

Claudio Milano, Erna Franssens
[dEN Records/2012]

the Radiata 5tet “Aurelia Aurita”
[dEN Records/2012]

.psychofagist. “9 Psalms Of An Anti-Music To Come”
[Split CD w/ Antigama – Subordinate Prods/2012]

stefano Ferrian’s dE-NOIZE “Lophophora”
[dEN Records/2012]

stefano Ferrian “Convergence” w/ Sandro Marinoni, Stefano Roncarolo
[Clinical Archives October/2011]
-> Available for free download at the following links:

stefano Ferrian’s dE-NOIZE Project “CHAPTER # 01 AMPHETAMINE”
[CD Format: dE-N Records / Digital Release: Clinical Archives / April 2011]
-> Digital Release by Clinical Archives. Available for download at the following links:

Mombu – S/T
[Subsound Recs / 2011]

Snuff Movies After Dinner
– Immagine Che Non Conosco
[Grindpromotion / 2011]

Name Of The Game – “S/T”
[Setola Di Maiale / July / 2011

Stefano Ferrian “Improvisations For NoSyncopated Guitars”
[Clinical Archives, Setola Di Maiale / January 2010]

.psychofagist. – “Il Secondo Tragico”
[SUBORDINATE /November / 2009]

GBUR – Third Obstacle
[Setola Di Maiale / June / 2009]

Ephel Duath – Through My Dog’s Eyes
[Earache Records 2009]

.psychofagist. – The Optician
[The Spew Records 2009]

[Setola Di Maiale / September / 2009]

FFATSO – Mano Nera
[Setola Di Maiale 02 / June / 2009]

.psychofagist. – Raìz Diabolica
[Split CD w/ Thousands Will Die – Nothing Positive Records 2008]

Skoll – Misty Woods
[Occultum Productions 2008]

.psychofagist. – Raìz Epileptica
[Limited 7″ EP – Concubine Records 2008]

.psychofagist. – A Bullet Sound The Same
[Split CD w/ oVo, Inferno – Shove Recs/BarLaMuerte/Donna Bavosa 2007]

Darkness – Unholy Sacrifice
[Split w/ Decayed – Aphelion Productions 2007]

The True Endless – United By Diabolical Obsession
[Split w/ Aquer – Necromancer Rec 2006]

Insane Assholes – Grindzilla
[Subordinate Prods 2006]

.psychofagist. – S/T
[Subordinate Prods/Masterpiece Distribution 2004]

.psychofagist. – Selfless Spite
[Split CD w/ Hybrid Viscery – Amputated Vein Recs 2003]

.psychofagist. – Promo CD 2002

2 comments on “R E L E A S E S

  1. John Hart
    August 23, 2013

    Hi Steffano,
    A couple of things – Just like to say that the sound production on Ferrian’s NUTIMBRE “Risk”has a vibrancy and dynamism that is terrific so looking forward to the new album!
    Any chance of your Convergence album being realed in a cd format?
    Best wishes
    Lincoln, England

    • stefanoferrian
      July 12, 2014

      hey John,
      nice to hear from you! unfortunately there’s no plans to release “Convergence” in CD format!

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