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SYK / SFS8 and new releases . . .

It’s been a while since the last update. So let’s talk about that “while”.

.psychofagist. belongs to the past after 15 years struggling to push out some weird and unknown sounds . . . so let’s talk about the present!

A brand new project is taking shape and its name is SYK ! ! ! We’re recording these days the first album of the project and let me say it’s simply killer.
I’m lucky enough to work on this project with my fellow mate Federico “DucaConte” De Bernardi (ex psychofagist’s drummer), the great Luca Pissavini on bass and the talented Dalila Kayros on vocals and synths.
The recordings will be completed in few days and I think I’ll do the final mix not later than early March. Hopefully we’ll start hitting the road again on April . . . a couple gigs will be confirmed soon. Here’s a photo . . .

>>> SFS8 Signature 8 Strings Guitar Design
after 23 years spent playing guitars I decided that it was the time to design my own 8 strings model which is called SFS8 (StefanoFerrianSyk8).
It has been designed with the precious collaboration of my personal luthiers Guido and Davide from Marconi Lab strong of 10 years collaborating together on Guitars, Amps and Cabinets.
If there’s anyone interested out there just drop few lines to my mailbox or to the MarconLab guys. Here’s the link to check out some details of this wonderful guitar!



>>> NUTIMBRE “Cycles”
the second chapter of the NUTIMBRE legacy is just out through dEN Records. Make sure to get a copy. The line-up is the same but the music is way more farer then the previous effort. Strongly influenced by the nowadays modern impro/jazz for fans of Tim Berne, Ellery Eskelin and David Torn.

>>> Stefano Ferrian/Gustavo Costa “Kinematics”
this is the first record to date with my long time portoguese friend Gustavo Costa who collaborated over the years with musicians like Jamie Saft and John Zorn.
I really loved this collaboration and we’re already thinking about a second release.


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