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#11_NERVE 4tet / ETC

I’m proud to announce my first release on the legendady polish label Not Two!!! The project is called Nerve 4tet and features Luca T Mai (ZU-Mombu) on baritone sax, Cristiano Calcagnile on drums, Luca Pissavini on double bass and myself on tenor sax. 
Further informations about “Even Worms Have Nerves” are available at the label’s website at the following link

On the other hand I’m still trying to realize where I’ve been in the last months. I toured with different projects all around Europe, Russia and the wonderful Siberia.
The .psychofagist.‘s tour went really great even if from time to time we find ourselves kinda old to tour with this project which is quite demanding in terms of mental and body energies. But we definitely keep on rocking onstage as always!

The Rara Avis tour was simply smooth and we had great times on the road also at a human level. Everybody involved in the project is an amazing musician and person, the music was great and challenging every night and the group was solid on the hangover aspect! Hope to bring this project on tour again in the nearest future.

Talking about the solo tour, which started in the wonderful Vilnius playing with my italian mates Swedish Mobilia, I’m still kinda confused and excited at the same time. 
So many travel experiences to date since to travel in Russia and Siberia is not that easy for a western guy. Fortunately everyone ’round there was so caring about my travel schedule that everything went as planned.

Not a news for the ones who know me a little bit that I totally felt in love with the Baltic countries and it’s a real pleasure to meet some friends when I’m touring in that area.

But Siberia was insanely great. Great music, great audience and great people taking care all the time to make something happen in the far Siberian territory.
Theses Festival in Kemerovo was simply an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to spend some time at the festival and sharing new musical ideas with local artists. So intense!



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