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N E W S # o8

Back to my blog today for the first time since April.
This year I found myself busy with so many things that is getting difficult to keep you guys posted about my activities.

The FMS Trio italian tour with Adrian Myhr (double bass) and Tore Sandbakken (drums) went quite smooth. Of course some gigs were quite sad as expected to be in this desolated country known to the most as ITALY but the final result was cool anyway. Some really good performances and some old good friends met on the road as always. Special Thanks goes to every promoter, venues and Luca Pissavini and Gianni Mimmo for their precious contributions on a couple gigs.
We’re now looking forward to release our new album on Autumn and trying to clear up our minds to fix another tour on Winter.

On June 4 and 5 I’ve been so lucky to record in Rome some new material featuring Ken Vandermark, Luca Pissavini, Simone Quatrana and Mimmo SEC_. The recording turned out really great!!! Hope it’ll be released in the near future because the music recorded is really exciting and unique at some point.
Thanx to every musicians involved in this project and to Matteo Spinazzè (Sound Engineer) for his precious job in the Recording Studio. Personally one of the most important experience to date in my musical life. So inspiring!!!


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